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  1. Please read the following link:
    George Zimmerman: Prelude to the shooting of Trayvon Martin

    Below, please find my thoughts on the article:

    Whatever happened with Zimmerman wanting to enroll into the military — that follow-up information in this article was just dropped. Was he denied, did he not pursue it, did he have a medical issue that prevented him getting into the military, etc.?

    It seems to me Zimmerman was all over the place — military, insurance, auto sales, school again, etc. I felt as though he was bobbing along the waves. You know, just not defining and then following through with what he wanted to do. He seemed “lost.”

    That might be the source of this anger – the very real effect of this problem surfacing with his girlfriend. The article actually mentioned “anger-management” issues.

    In any event, it’s a sad, sad story on so many levels.

    A nice community filled with hope, etc., crashing down and becoming vulnerable to a growing number of area parasites and malcontents; leaving residents with devastating economic realities, fear and despair.

    It’s like a petri dish of a perfect storm. How society reacts when doubt and fear overtake common humanity — that’s when all bets are off. And, it seems to me that’s what happened.

    This situation really should be the poster banner for what’s in store for this entire country — not merely treated as a distasteful soundbite: Rogue rent-a-cop in Florida profiled and callously killed an innocent kid walking through his neighborhood.

    Rather, this disturbing breakdown in society is the modern day shot heard ’round the world. This country better get its act together — quickly.

    People do all kinds of unconscionable things when they feel pushed, untrusting and let down by authorities, employment, education, norms and niceties — basically, the very fiber of the local and / or country-wide “system.”

    However, although that explains it for me in my head, there is no way that kid should have been killed — period.

    The slippery slope has gotten steeper.

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