“Today” Will Not Be My Tomorrow

What the what? Ann Curry will not be co-anchor on the “Today” show?

Viewers had to know something was going terribly wrong when NBC – yes, NBC, brought Sarah Palin – yes, Sarah Palin – in to boost ratings, and when “Good Morning America” overtook “Today” in ratings the week of April 9th, ending their 16-year top-of-the-pack status.

NBC cannot put the blame on Matt Lauer, you see he just received a hefty contract. Since the “Today” show seems to be slipping from its No. 1 perch, money is the issue – isn’t it always?

Reportedly earning $484 million from commercials as No. 1 in the ratings while “GMA” earned a lowly $298 million, a 30-second advertisement on “Today” sells for $50,000 while “GMA” commands $35,000. So, you see, ad revenue’s are what’s needed to make good on Lauer’s contract.

Curry is the problem, according to those who make the decisions. Not Savannah Guthrie who looks like a deer in headlights – always; not Al Roker who has become all-Roker-all-the-time; not the hurried, endless cooking segments nor the Star Jones-Donny Deutsch weirdness. It’s Curry, don’t ya know.

In better times, Ann remarked, “I felt like Cinderella, I did. I felt like all these years cleaning the floor, I just felt suddenly I was getting to be in the bright lights and the pretty dress and I was sitting next to the prince.”

Curry’s prince has turned into a big, giant toad . . . I’m leapfrogging off of this lily pad, Today.

3 thoughts on ““Today” Will Not Be My Tomorrow

  1. agree with your viewpoint 1000%. her “cinderella” comments when she finally landed the job were touching and yours about the prince being a giant toad paints quite a picture!

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