Keep your eyes on the . . . ad?


You have to be responsible, alert, in the moment.

You cannot drink and drive, be medicated or under the influence, text, talk on your cellphone, put on makeup, apply mascara or lipstick, or be distracted in any way. If applicable, you must wear your corrective lenses, your auto must be in proper working order and road worthy, you have to know the road conditions, be cautious of erratic driving of others, leave enough stopping distance between you and the auto in front of you, adhere to speed limits, etc., etc., . . . in other words, respect the rules of the road.

And, you have to study in order to actually learn the rules of the road, take a written test, and if you pass, receive a Permit. Then you acquire more hands-on driving, and begin to understand the endless possibilities driving can present.

Driving is not an inalienable right, it’s a privilege. And, in order to earn the privilege, you have to learn the do’s and don’ts before you can begin to master the serious business of driving.

In this marketing savvy, albeit sated environment, I have become numb to the number of, and creative outlets for advertising. Not shocked anymore with advertisements in any and all nooks and crannies, receipts, billboards, bus shelters, print ads, back-lit ads, ads in windows, on buildings, on bus roofs, turnstiles, trains, subways, and on, and on.

Keeping your eyes safely on the road is becoming increasingly difficult since ads, video, TV and movie trailers, and breaking news are being displayed on mobile box-trucks.

Until last week.

A seemingly ordinary box-truck passed in front of me with a seemingly ordinary ad on its seemingly ordinary back doors.

I quickly found it wasn’t so ordinary. It seems advertising on trucks is going techno across the globe. No longer are we subjected to static advertisements, you see, this truck was running a dynamic sequence of video advertising spots from multiple advertisers on a video screen where its hum-drum back doors were once located. And, the new technology enables targeted advertising capable of customizing the ad from neighborhood to neighborhood; from fully digital full-motion video, TV-style commercials, breaking news, and clips from movies or sports – it all depends on the advertisers target audience.

It’s cool . . . but, it was also very distracting, even the pedestrians stopped and looked. I guess that’s successful marketing, but maybe not so successful if your driving becomes compromised.

I’m just counting down the clock as I wait for new laws to become enacted because drivers will be distracted as they watch the ad . . . not the road. Oh, and I do see insurance companies licking their chops to increase premiums.

In the meantime, I need a touch up . . . where’s my mascara?


See Welcome Page for video of dynamic mobile advertising

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