Historic Home Made History in an Unlikely Manner

It was 150 years ago that a brick home in Union Beach, New Jersey was built.

If walls could talk, I’m sure this home would have shared many stories with our eager ears. But, it was in October 2012 when Hurricane Sandy took a giant bite out of that historic home, known as Princess Cottage.

John Zois owned the yellow brick home for just six short months before it made history – again, in yet another way. You see, a picture is worth a thousand words: Princess Cottage was catapulted into the role of becoming an iconic symbol of the historic storm’s wrath.

Princess Cottage will forever be linked with the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. Although measured as a Cat 1 hurricane, Sandy became the largest storm with winds spanning over 1,000 miles packing damage estimates over $65 billion. It is now considered the second-costliest Atlantic hurricane behind Hurricane Katrina.

Speaking with New Jersey local newspaper, “Asbury Park Press”, John Zois shared his anxiety, “To see my home away from home, which became my home, destroyed like this – it’s hard to take, it’s just hard to take.”

The teetering Princess Cottage was a standing testament to the powers of Mother Nature; but was also a stark reminder of the blessings the Zois family received.

As a wreath graced its front door, the yellow brick home shared one last story. This time it succumbed to another Cat – a Caterpillar Crane finished what Sandy started.

Princess Cottage was demolished and silenced in less than 30 minutes.

See Welcome Page for video of demolition.

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